Shift your Story

The best way to improve? Let's dive right in.

Get ready for an exciting journey with Keep Telling Yourself. Chad Sanschagrin, a powerhouse in personal development, guides you in owning your story and transforming your life.

Chad breaks it down into 10 key elements that'll shift your mindset from self-doubt to confidence, from scarcity to abundance, and from feeling worthless to realizing your true value.

Create a Life of Abundance.

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The book’s story and its structure intertwine to tell Chad’s story, encourage readers to scrutinize their own stories, and analyze how 10 different narrative elements play out in daily life.

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About Chad Sanschagrin

Entrepreneur, CEO, Author, International Keynote Speaker, Coach

Chad Sanschagrin is a dynamic entrepreneur dedicated to empowering others to realize their full potential. As an influential executive, leadership and sales coach, Chad inspires and motivates through his impactful keynote presentations and transformative coaching.

Chad is the founder of Cannonball Moments, a leadership and sales coaching company that provides consistent training to teams across various industries. The mission of Cannonball Moments is to enhance the well-being of individuals by helping them achieve their potential, fostering a life enriched with love, health, success, and joy. Chad's effective strategies help executives and teams develop a growth mindset, resulting in increased sales conversions and personal fulfillment.

In addition to his coaching endeavors, Chad hosts The Cannonball Mindset Podcast, where he amplifies the voices of other influential leaders. Notable guests have included Gary Vaynerchuk, Jesse Itzler, and Shawn Nelson.

Outside of his professional life, Chad is an accomplished Ironman and marathon runner. He enjoys a fulfilling family life with his wife and their twin daughters.

Book Chapters

You will come away energized and ready to embrace your authority to joyfully, unapologetically pursue personal betterment at any age or life stage.


Chapter 1: That Old Snapshot

Chad reflects on a poignant photo that symbolizes the relatable struggle of settling for less and introduces the concept of cannonball moments, emphasizing betterment over achievement.


Chapter 2: Origin Story

To rewrite your narrative, you must revisit its roots and chisel away outdated stories that no longer serve you, breaking free from the victim mindset.


Chapter 3: Become the Author

Your focus shapes your reality; by consciously choosing positive narratives, you can transform your self-perception and life outcomes.


Chapter 4: Shift Your Energy, Find Your Voice

Master your energy to positively influence every interaction, understanding that you control the energy you bring to any moment.


Chapter 5: Set the Stakes

Identify and embrace the stakes in your personal narrative, understanding that both obvious and subtle stakes drive your commitment and sense of purpose.


Chapter 6: Free Your Masterpiece

Embrace your strengths and potential, moving beyond a flawed self-image, as illustrated by Chad's transformative experience with Michelangelo's David.


Chapter 7: Structure Success

Recognize the importance of structure in your life, from daily routines to long-term habits, to create a cohesive and motivated personal narrative.


Chapter 8: Choose Your Circles

Deliberately select and evaluate the people in your life, ensuring they contribute positively to your health, happiness, and growth.


Chapter 9: Cultivate Cannonball Moments

Seek and cherish significant payoff moments in your life, working to document, revisit, and share them as part of your ongoing story.


Chapter 10: Keep Telling Stories That Stick

Consider your legacy daily, focusing on the lasting impact you have on others, how you grow, and what you contribute to the world.